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Professional Honey Bee Removal Service...

We are your solution to the problems associated with honeybee swarms and we are glad that you are here! If you are here you are most likely having a problem with honeybees. The bees have either invaded the walls or ceiling of your home or they have swarmed on or in a tree near your home. Don't worry, this website it dedicate to helping you by providing professional swarm and established colony removal in the South Carolina, Charlotte, NC and Augusta, GA area. We want to remove and preserve the honeybees that may have taken up residence on your property. We are beekeepers who enjoy the art of beekeeping and have made it part of their life to preserve and protect the honeybee. Honeybees are a precious resource that deserves our help.

Some Honey Bee Removals We've Performed...


Removing Honeybees From Wall
  • Removing Honeybees From Wall
    Removing honey bees from York, SC
  • Bee Removal From Crate Myrtle
    Bee Removal In Columbia SC
  • Bee Removal From Tree in Augusta, GA
    View of bees in a tree. From a bee removal in Augusta, GA
  • Bee Removal in Augusta, GA
    Bee Removal for Tree Company in Augusta, GA
  • Bee In Tree in Augusta, GA
    Cut away view of honey bees in tree.
  • Bee Removal In York, SC
    Opening panel on outside of laundry room.
  • Bee Removal In York, SC
    Panel almost off of bee removal in York, SC
  • Honey Bee Removal in York, SC
    Panel off bee removal in York, SC
  • Honey Bees In Laundry Room Wall
    Honeybees in York SC
  • Bee Removal in Columbia, SC
    Looking up. Not Open
  • Bee removal in columbia, SC
  • Bee removal in Columbia, SC
    Soffit open. Man look at the bees.
  • Honey bee removal from soffit in Columbia, SC
    Soffit is open.
  • Bee Removal From Soffit in SC
    Going to remove the honey beees
  • Bee Removal in Spartanburg, SC
    Removal of honeybees in Spartanburg, SC. Under step of shed.
  • Bee Removal Spartanburg, SC
  • Bee Removal
  • Honey Bees In Greenville, SC
    Removal of honey bees in greenville, SC
  • Honey Bees In Greenville, SC
    Chemical Plant Removal.
  • Honey Bees Entering Box in Greenville, SC
  • Swarm Removal In Charlotte, NC
    Photo of swarm removed in Charlotte, NC. About 7 pounds of bees.

Removing Honeybees From Wall

Don't Place Yourself In Danger!

Removal from structures and outside locations should be done by a professional who has the equipment and knowledge necessary to pinpoint the location of the honey bees and properly remove the bees. Many people will try and eradicate the bees on their own by spraying the bees with commercial pest spray. While these sprays will many times kill some of the honey bees, it almost never kills them all. Spraying the honey bees will not remove the comb, honey, eggs and larvae that are present in the walls or ceilings of the structure. As many as 30,000 to 80,000 bees could be in your ceiling or walls. Don't put yourself in danger. Call us today.

Spraying Can Cause "A Dead Hive Condition"...Trouble!

A "dead hive" condition "WILL" cause you further problems such as fermented (Dripping) honey and rotting larvae within the wall or ceiling. The moisture and smell will attract other pest such as roaches, flies and rodents who will feed on the remaining material. The moisture can also cause structural damage to your home.

Other honeybees will also try to reestablish further colonies if the void is not cleaned and sealed properly. If you have honeybees present in a structure and want to remove them please call our professional honey bee removal experts.

Also take some time to read through this site. We value the contribution that the honeybee brings to our world and want to stand with you to remove them from your structure and preserve them.

Give us a call today at 803-754-7577. We want to help you!